About us

A tale of two sisters, our journeys from “I” to “me” to “us” to “we”. We are two sisters, twins by face, biological by blessings, strong by fate, similar by emotions and victorious by choice. Ritika Ghuman and Surbhi Sharma are two protagonists of this life called bon voyage. The team is a rainbow of two dynamic personalities having different mindsets, different visions, different perspectives, different roads to conquer but a common goal to fight back and triumph hardships of life be it a rollicking girl, an august woman, a dedicated mother, a leader of her own because we see our abilities not disabilities. This blog is a part of our love towards life and gratitude towards humanity who have given us so much in their own uncanny ways.

The Twin Sisters as we love to call ourselves, have experienced life in unusual ways and have lived out of the box. We are happening childlike girls in the bodies of women craving love and attention, rewards and adulation. We lived, we loved, we cheated, we got blurred, we erred, we duped, we coned, we laughed, we cried, we rebuked, we collapsed and rebuild. Enriching tales of our lives spoken spoken as truthfully as we can. Sometimes our stories may tickle your funny bone, the other time shake your core value system. Sometimes our merry tales take you in to total euphoria while some other time they make you take a backseat and think. Sometimes the brutal faces of life can make you think the fragility of life while some other time we take you to a soulful journey of gratitude towards almighty. Stories full of life, full of compassion, food, music, movies, fashion, lifestyle, soulful fables, parenting fables.

Author Ritika Ghuman is an vivacious lady with a heart of gold. She dons many hats- a headstrong girl, a dutiful daughter, a mischievous sister, a loving wife, a childlike fun-loving mom, a singer, an entrepreneur who works in education sector and not to forget, a Shakespeare! Who have an opinion on everything because that’ what matter. Her life’s tagline is- Main Apni Favorite hoon!

Her charming personality hides behind a mushy face, deep layers of intelligence, profound humour and vivid sarcasm. Her life’s inner journey has been a ride with lots of thrills and frills! But mind it! she’s here to tell you all including her dark little secrets stacked inside her heart for long.

Author Surbhi Sharma is a child grown too fast, too soon! She started writing as early as five in her broken language but beautifully expressed. Her initial poems and short stories are still close to her heart which she still cherishes! Her childhood has too many stories when entangled in to her now life can make blockbusters. Her writings are an expression of the world through her pen. She pens anything and everything which needs expression

Lets love together, lets live together!